Buy Forever Angel Women’s 100% Silk Chiffon Long Scarf Scarves


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♦Made of Pure Silk Chiffon; light, very soft ,comfortable;
♦Silk is hygienically superior. It allows your skin to breathe easily and it naturally wicks any moisture away from the skin to keep it dry;
♦Silk is possessed varied amino acid which people need the essentials and therefore, protect skin and keep us healthy;
♦Silk has the greatest strength of any of the natural textile fabrics.

Brand History: Forever angel is a registered trademark.We are located located in Suzhou city,China. Suzhou reputed as the SILK COUNTY of China, is the main silk production area and has long history of silk development.
We have our own factory, design and sales department. We sell only the high quality silk products with fashionable design at low price.

  • 100% Mulberry Silk
  • Suitable For All Formal, Casual And Evening Events All Year Long
  • Ideal For Wearing In Almost Any Season With Protection Against Sun Exposure
  • Wash: Hand Wash Gently In Cool Water With Mild Soap. Dry: Roll The Scarf In Clean And Soft Towel And Press Delicately To Dry To Wring Out Water. Hang Tt On Hanger And Dry Place Away From Direct Sunlight
  • Dimensions: 200cm x 65cm,250cm x 65cm,200cm x 135cm,250cm x 135cm,135cm x 135cm,