Buy FreshGadgetz 10 Genuine White Silk Handkerchiefs – 100% Silk Soft And Thin Hankies That Come In 26cm X 26cm Size


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Tired of handkerchiefs that wither and lose its looks with time? It is high time for you to invest in a high quality set of silk handkerchiefs, manufactured and imported from china – the home of silk. Our delicate set of 10 handkerchiefs is manufactured using the finest quality silk to ensure durability and quality. Each of the 10 white handkerchiefs is made into 26cm x 26cm squares. These user-friendly dimensions allow you to carry easily the stylish silk handkerchief in your jean/ trouser pocket, purse, or even the shirt pocket, without any bulging. Unlike many harsh materials used to make hankies, pure silk used in these products are extremely thin and soft. When held against the skin you will feel the silky soft smoothness wiping off dirt and sweat from your skin leaving it unharmed. Cleaning these handkerchiefs should be done with some care because of its delicate nature. We assure that when compared to the benefits the soft silk hanky offers you, the trouble you have to undergo to care for it is negligible. There are just a couple of things to keep in mind; DO NOT machine wash or use harsh detergents or rinse the handkerchiefs in hot water. These conditions could harm the soft silk strands of the hankies. After using, simply hand wash using mild soap (if necessary) and rinse in cold water. DO NOT iron using extreme temperatures or expose to direct heat. This pack would also be the perfect gift for someone with a taste for luxurious and sophisticated fashions. Present them a 10 silk hanky pack on their birthday, anniversary or any other day special to them. We assure that this gift will be engraved forever in their hearts. Ideal to pair with an exquisite sari, kurtha, choli, shalwar or even with casual wear. Despite your gender and age, you can use these exotic silk handkerchiefs to express your taste for high class fashion. Do not miss this opportunity; purchase a set of 10 silk handkerchiefs today!

  • Delicate pure white handkerchiefs made of 100% silk
  • 10 soft and thin hankies in a pack
  • Comes in user-friendly 26cm x 26cm size to fit your pocket
  • Hand wash with mild detergents, and cold water
  • Soothes and protects the skin