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Instructions Run marker tip across surface of lens, covering entire lens area with a continuous coating. Wait 30 seconds for the coating to dry. Then lightly buff the excess residue from the surface. Eyewear Outlet is the authorised and approved online outlet for Oakley sunglasses and accessories. Even the worlds best optics can’t do their job if they are covered in a filmy layer of water, oily smudges or specks of dust and dirt that are driving you insane. Oakley have created this tool to enable you to apply a hydrophobic coating on pretty much any kind of eyewear lens. Once on its designed to bead up any droplets that form and roll off.. Although its not necessary to use this on lens that already come with a permanent Hydrophobic coating (some of the sports performance range) its still great and safe to use to clean those versions. Not compatible with Oakley Snow Goggles or Anti Fog treated lens.