Buy STÓR Men’s Socks (2-Pack) Bamboo Antibacterial Designer Calf Socks Breathable Soft Socks Active Antifungal Solid Patterns Many Colours


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STÓR Bamboo Fabric Socks for Men are 80% Bamboo Fabric, which makes them extra soft and luxuriously comfortable. Bamboo is an environmentally friendly fabric that has amazing natural characteristics.
Bamboo Fabric has great benefits, not only for the environment, but for your skin! It adapts to your body temperature, has antibacterial properties, it’s a strong and durable material, more absorbent than other textiles, and much more! Once you try it, you wish you would’ve found it before.

  • High Quality Solid Color Socks for a Stylish Trendy Durable Addition to your Everday Wardrobe and Staple Casual Wear
  • Stylish Trendy Herringbone Pattern – Rows of Short, Slanted Parallel Lines – Alternating Row by Row
  • Trendy and Stylish Mini Houndstooth Pattern – Classic Black and Grey Check Design with an Abstract, Attractive Look
  • Classic, Bright Polka-Dot Socks Make a Fun Addition to your Wardrobe Staples and Everyday Collection.

Our Name
Stór means a hoard, stock or treasure in the Irish language. Infact it literally translates as “my treasure”. At STÓR we want our customers to receive their stock of staple goods from us and to deliver a customer experience that is worthy of a box of treasure.
Our Products
We specialize in staple goods that men need and want on a regular basis. These products include socks, boxer’s and T-Shirt – Father’s Day Special – s. STÓR uses sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo. These fabrics have some amazing natural characteristics and are really comfortable to wear. Every month/quarter we will style and curate a fresh box of these men’s staple products and deliver them to our subscribers doorstep.
The Conscious Man
STÓR believes in the conscious man. The socially conscious.The environmentally conscious. The ethically conscious. The economically conscious. The self conscious and of course the fashion conscious.

  • 2 Pairs High Quality Designer Socks for a Stylish Trendy Durable Addition to your Everyday Wardrobe and Staple Casual Wear
  • Moisture Wicking, Anti-Bacterial, Sensitive, Stretch Fabric, Extra Soft, Anti-Static, Breathable
  • Basic and Simple Look – Contrasting Toe and Cuff Colour or Logo- Comfortable and Good for Everyday Use
  • Natural and Earth-Loving Composition – Environmentally Friendly – Sustainable Fabrics – Conscious Eco Designer for Men
  • Versatile: Casual, Dress, Fancy, Lounge – Good for Work, Fashion, Active Wear