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Made in Europe.

Size 6: Waist: 62cm, Lenght: 62cm
Size 8: Waist: 66cm, Lenght: 62cm
Size 10: Waist: 70cm, Lenght: 62cm
Size 12: Waist: 74cm, Lenght: 62cm
Size 14: Waist: 78cm, Lenght: 62cm

This Skirt is the perfect Skirt for the ideal woman. Beautifully designed and produced using premium quality material, this Skirt is the perfect fit for the right fashion statement. It’s not just another piece of clothing with a random design and perfect size. No! It is a uniquely designed Skirt that could be worn either as a formal or informal outfit. It is made from 100% faux leather, a unique material combination that gives this Skirt a highly exceptional durability. The Skirt is bound to portray the right fashion statement wherever and whenever necessary. Featuring unique and simple design, this Skirt is extremely fashionable and simply amazing.

It was made in Poland using only premium quality materials also manufactured in Poland, to ensure good quality and high durability. The designs and materials used in producing this Skirt are 100% authentic and of the highest quality. This product has been effectively tested to ensure that every level of quality is duly represented in both materials used and overall product output. All sizes are made for amazon and as such we have this Skirt available in all amazon sizes, to effectively cover your size needs. This Skirt is perfect for personal collections or as gifts items. It can be given out to friends, lovers, sisters or even colleagues. Although simple, this Skirt is still pretty classy and exceptionally elegant.

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  • 100% our design!
  • Made in Europe
  • Only High Quality Materials
  • All Sizes = Amazon Sizes
  • Can be used as Elegant or Casual Skirt